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Serving public libraries that serve Nova Scotians

Nova Scotians benefit in so many ways by having access to public libraries across the province. You may be a student who relies on your library for research, or a parent who has enrolled a child in a reading club. Maybe you can’t wait to borrow the latest bestseller or download something new for your e-reader. Everyday, libraries are places to meet others, share ideas and learn. Whether you want to get involved in a public library program, enjoy free computer access or indulge your love of reading, your library is always there for you. It’s no wonder public libraries mean so much to Nova Scotians.

The Provincial Library works with Nova Scotia’s 80 public libraries, providing leadership and support to ensure libraries continue to offer services that enrich lives and communities. The Provincial Library is not an actual library facility; we serve the public libraries that serve Nova Scotians, working together with government and the province’s nine library regions.

The Provincial Library provides centralized services for public libraries, like cataloguing and other key technology services that help libraries operate effectively. We facilitate collaboration among libraries to deliver province-wide programs, often working with community partners. We also provide training, consultation and help Nova Scotia’s libraries share resources and take advantage of new technology so they continually provide up-to-date services.

Public libraries encourage lifelong learning, promote literacy and foster the love of reading. They are meeting places that connect people and gateways to information for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The work of the Provincial Library helps ensure Nova Scotians have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of essential library services.